Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My Vision for Tanzania

My Vision for Tanzania

For a while I have been wondering why the political situation in Tanzania has become a major headache for all citizens especially during the election times. Since the introduction of multiparty system in 1990s, the country has seen major divisions instead of national unity. The population have been politicised in such a way that one is pitted against another, husband against the wife, families against family members, tribe against tribesmen and so on.

Politicians have turned population into dogmatic followers. Politics has become new religion where switching is seen as fit for mob lynching. Instead of supporting a party for their policies, the population has been divided into them against us. No matter what kinds of policies are put forward by the leaders of the parties, the followers are forced to support and defend them even if they are idiotic policies rendered to discriminate the masses as opposing is forbidden fallacy.

My mum support CCM and my dad support CUF and I could see how their affiliation to their political parties affect their own relation as a wife and husband. The arguments that erupt frequently put the family equation on the balance. I know who to blame and may be suggest an alternative solution to our domestic and society problem which is politics.

From my experience of living in Europe, I have observed that the politics in only for the few and their relation to the populace are their projected policies which are extensively debated to see who has better deal for the people. We should learn from those who are best according to those who have knowledge. The European politicians put down figures for example the party will put in their manifest that for health they will improve it by introducing such and such measures and they will fund the measures using such and such money which they will get from such and such sources. That information is then verified to see whether it will be feasible and their effect to the population. The other parties will also pitch their policies on the same and then it is up to the masses to decide who they should vote for according to their policies and not because of their affiliation to such political party. That’s why there are no political backlashes after elections and that is why the leaders may even concede before all votes are counted and such is what is lacking in Tanzania and the rest of African countries.

For us to come out of this vicious circle of heavily politicised population where you have government servants and government apparati working according to their political affiliations, we need to start DEPOLITICISING the masses before it is too late and before another batch of people lose their lives and others are injured for life because of politics while the leaders of the political parties toss a drink together.


Belly Surya Candra Orsa said...

Great Blog..!!!! Keep Blogging.... :)

Samuel said...


Your argument is quite valid and indeed this division among people on the basis of political parties has/will have serious repercussions in the near future. I totally agree with the need to depoliticize the people. But how do you suppose that can be achieved? This is not to challenge your argument, but just to get your input on this matter. I truly want our generation to perpetuate the peace our parents passed down to us. Mungu ibariki Tanzania, Mungu ibariki Afrika.